Where to Stay in Amman → 6 Best Areas from Experience!

amman citadel with lots of white buildings in the background

Are you thinking about visiting Jordan’s largest city? Then you’re about to make an awesome travel decision. I recently spent a week in Amman and couldn’t get enough of it!

I’ve gathered my best insights about where to stay in Amman and will share them with you so you can have the experience of a lifetime!

My friend Taha, a local in Amman, took me and my husband all over the place. Having seen what I saw, I’m confident that the best area to stay in Amman (for tourists, at least) is Jabal Amman. It’s close to the best cafés and restaurants and part of the city that never sleeps.

I’ll present 5 more areas where you can stay depending on your budget and travel preferences. Although Amman has plenty of accommodation offers, I recommend you book your stay in advance to secure the best deals.

Yalla let’s go!

If you are in a hurry

Can’t read till the end? Check out the best accommodation in Amman for first-timers, notably in the Jabal Amman area:

budget hotel

Nomads Hotel

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Check out the map below to help you visualize the best areas where to stay in Amman:

1. Jabal Amman – where to stay in Amman for first-timers

A man is standing on top of a pillar in the amman citadel.

Jabal Amman is the area to experience the best nightlife and gourmet Jordanian cuisine. Backpackers and leisure travelers will love how convenient Jabal Amman is due to its vicinity to the central area.

I loved this part of the city because I felt like I was in the center of the vibrant local scene with little influence from the side. You can indulge in cafés situated in historic buildings, offering views of Amman’s photogenic skyline.

I remember eating the best shawarma of my life at Shawerma Reem (map) in Jabal Ammal. Of course, it was a recommendation from our local friend. We arrived past midnight, and the place had a line of around 15 people waiting to get their meal!

You’ll often find that neighborhoods in Amman have the word Jabal in their name, which means “hill” in Arabic because the city is built on seven hills.

Stay in this area to be within walking distance of cultural museums and all the fun things the city offers.

Luxury hotel

This luxury hotel is conveniently located just steps from the bustling Rainbow Street. It features an indoor and outdoor pool (a life-saver if you visit in summer!) and free WiFi. Rooms are equipped with modern furniture and offer a stunning view of the city. I highly recommend this place for couples and families with kids of any age.

Other accommodation options in Jabal Amman


Another hotel with great views; rooms are compact and come with a private bathroom; continental breakfast is available


A hostel with free Wi-Fi near the New Jordan Museum; shared bathroom, kitchen with snacks and delicious breakfast daily


Spacious apartment in a central location with 2 bedrooms, fully furnished, with serene rooftop lounging spots with city view

Things to do in Jabal Ammal

  • Watch the sunset from the Amman Citadel
  • Take a day trip to Jerash
  • Eat the tastiest mansaf of your life in Sufra Restaurant
  • Head to Old View coffee shop & restaurant for the best night view (map)

2. Al Swaifyeh – where to stay in Amman for nightlife

The royal automobile museum with a vintage parked car

Al Swaifyeh is a neighborhood west of the city center, some 15 minutes by car. It’s an area with some of the most exquisite shops and international restaurants. Two shopping malls, The Galleria Mall and The Swaifyeh Village, are also here.

But what I recommend Al Swaifyeh most for is the nightlife. Rovers Return Restaurant & Bar is an excellent choice if you’re in for late-night dining. Overall, young and restless city visitors will want to stay near the city’s lively nightlife hubs, and Al Swaifyeh is one of the best areas for that.

Staying here also means being surrounded by local artisanal markets and souks. Like other neighborhoods on this list, Swaifyeh offers a fusion of old and modern Amman, with a bit more of the “modern” than in other places.

Amman is ideal for taking day trips to the rest of the country, and staying in Al Swaifyeh will give you plenty of opportunities to explore other places like the Dead Sea, Madaba, or Wadi Rum. Most tour operators pick you up in front of your hotel in Jordan and return at the same point of departure!

Luxury hotel

All rooms in this hotel have air conditioning, a kettle, and free toiletries. You can choose family-friendly rooms and relax in a shared lounge, restaurant, and terrace. The slightly lower ratings than I like are due to a lower-than-average breakfast compared to other Amman hotels. If you are okay with this part, then Strand Hotel is an excellent choice.

Other accommodation options in Al Swaifyeh


Khuttar Apartment offers everything you need for a comfortable stay, including an airport shuttle service and a tour desk


Affordable, cozy, and centrally located apartment, ideal for couples and shopping enthusiasts

Things to do in Al Swaifyeh

3. Downtown – where to stay for history buffs

A woman is standing in front of an ancient amphitheater.

Overlooking the historic Amman Citadel, Downtown Amman (also known as Al Madinah) is the perfect district to explore local and ancient history, notably from the Roman period.

Points of interest here include the Amman Citadel, Roman Theater, Roman Nymphaeum, and the Grand Husseini Mosque.

As you venture to the Amman Citadel, don’t miss the Umayyad Palace on the same hill – it’s a true historical and architectural marvel dating from the 8th century!

Downtown Amman is the perfect place for exploring bustling markets (or souks in Arabic) and taking in the lively atmosphere amid a weekday rush. Here, you can also explore the finest art galleries, museums, and eateries serving dishes from Jordan and all over the world.

If you’re a history aficionado and want to stay adjacent to renowned archaeological sites, look no further, for this is the area you’ll love.

Luxury hotel

Although is not the most luxurious hotel, the Lemon Tree Residence is a fabulous hotel with comfy beds, spacious rooms, a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, and the most delicious breakfast. It’s 30 mins from the Roman Temple of Hercules and Rainbow Street.

Other accommodation options in Downtown Amman


Affordable accommodation with air conditioning, a private bathroom, and all the basic amenities for a comfortable stay


Located close to the iconic Roman Theater in the heart of the city, the apartment has a great location for exploring the ancient ruins


Incredibly cozy apartment accessible to traditional coffee houses; has modern furnishings and plenty of natural light

Things to do in Downtown Amman

  • Explore the street art and graffiti culture of Downtown Amman
  • Tour local markets and secret spots with a local
  • Visit the Byzantine Church and nearby historic sites
  • Take a private delicious food tour of the city
  • Visit the Old Signs of Amman Museum (hidden gem!)
  • Drop by the Jordan Archaeological Museum inside the Citadel

4. Ash Shumaysani – where to stay for families

A woman floating in the water with her arms outstretched.

Presenting the perfect destination for budget-conscious travelers with kids! Although it’s one of the most commercial parts of the city, it’s also the most affordable one. Locals flock from all over the city to shop in the numerous artisanal shops located in this area.

Stay here, and you’ll be close to relaxing city parks and gardens that can serve as a perfect hideout from the sun in the hot summer months. Amman has few gardens, so being close to one is a life-saver once the extreme heat kicks in!

Ash Shumaysani has plenty of new hotels, and it’s a small hub for the expats living in Amman. Overall, this is a great area to experience the city both from a tourist and a local perspective.

If you’re coming with family, this may be the perfect area to stay. You can enjoy the vicinity of shops, cafés, and other kid-friendly amenities without the hustle and bustle of being located downtown.

Luxury hotel

One of the best luxury hotels in Amman, Hilton is ideal for couples and families. It has a wellness center with a hot tub, an indoor pool, and superb modern rooms with a panoramic city view.

Other accommodation options in Ash Shumaysani


4-star hotel with air conditioning, comfortable beds, delicious breakfast, and welcoming staff


Excellent-value Amman hotel with a garden, shared lounge, and deluxe rooms with a city-view


Just a short walk from the Abdali Boulevard, this studio is ideal for business travelers

Things to do in Ash Shumaysani

5. Al Abdali – where to stay in Amman for an urban feel

A shopping mall with a yellow car parked in front of it.

Al Abdali is the place to be if you want to experience a modern area in Amman and see just how dynamic Jordan’s capital is.

Walking down the central streets in this district will make you forget you’re in the Middle East! The neighborhood mostly consists of newly constructed buildings and skyscrapers, most of which are business centers and government buildings.

You can stay near the vibrant Al Abdali Boulevard with modern shopping malls and shops from international brands.

This area is also favored by art and gallery enthusiasts, as here you’ll find Jordan’s National Gallery of Fine Arts.

Al Abdali is the perfect place to observe how modern and old architecture can coexist and create enchanting surroundings.

Luxury hotel

Ideal for a luxury stay in the center of Abdali, this hotel has floor-to-ceiling windows, an Asian-cuisine-inspired restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, and impeccable room service. You can get children’s cots at an extra cost.

Other accommodation options in Al Abdali


Located near the city center, this hotel has a classical decoration with a modern twist and super comfortable beds


If you want to be situated in a high-rise building on a budget, this is the hotel to be


Beautiful family-friendly apartment with a free garage for parking and a modern interior

Things to do in Al Abdali

  • Walk down the Al Abdali Boulevard
  • Admire the King Abdullah Mosque
  • Get lost in the iconic Al Abdali City Mall
  • Go on a tour of Madaba, the Dead Sea, and Mount Nebo

6. Abdun Al Shmali – where to stay for extended stays

An aerial view of a bridge over a city.

This mainly residential area is prioritized by business travelers and everyone coming for an extended stay. If you want to be located in a partly secluded neighborhood but remain close to iconic mosques and religious sites, Abdul Al Shmali is it.

The neighborhood offers easy transportation options, and you can get to the notable landmarks in 15 minutes by car.

Much like in other parts of the city, you’ll find plenty of cafés, artisanal markets, and souks. The area has a local vibe and is the ideal place to stay if you’re planning a longer trip.

Luxury hotel

Located in a splendid high-rise building, Ritz-Carlton Amman has 2 swimming pools and a fitness center close to bars and restaurants. Rooms have a royal feel, and many come with dazzling panoramic city views.

Other accommodation options in Abdun Al Shmali


Excellent value hotel with an outdoor pool and modern private rooms, near the Al Swaifyeh district


The ultimate hotel for unobstructed views of the city with extra large beds; suitable for couples and pairs with a kid


Treat yourself with luxury during your extended stay in Amman in this 2-bedroom apartment

Fairmont Amman – this hotel is too good not to be included. It is 35 minutes from the Queen Alia International Airport and has a fabulous interior. It’s also one of the rare hotels I found that features a hot tub inside rooms!

Things to do in Abdun Al Shmali

FAQs about where to stay in Amman

An aerial view of a mosque in the middle of a city.

❓ Which area of Amman is best to stay in?

Jabal Amman is the best area to stay if you visit Jordan’s capital city for a few days. You’ll be a short walk from the center, in the middle of the lively streets and all their hustle and bustle. A hotel I recommend here is The House Boutique Suites.

✅ Is it worth staying in Amman? 

Absolutely! Amman is a vibrant city with a friendly and cosmopolitan vibe. It’s a true melting pot of different world influences from both the East and West, and it has something to offer to all types of travelers, from five-star hotels such as Hilton Amman with on-site restaurants to eclectic markets, an ancient citadel, and authentic Middle Eastern vibe.

🚶🏻‍♂️ Is Amman a walkable city? 

Up to a point. Amman lies on 7 hills, and moving from one place to another without a car can be tiring if you’re not in the mood for long walks up and down the hills. The downtown area is pretty walkable, though!

🇯🇴 Is Amman better than Aqaba?

It depends on what kind of experience you’re after. Amman is bigger but doesn’t have sea access, while Aqaba does. For a more city-like experience, visit Amman. On the other hand, Aqaba is better if you want to relax by the sea and try scuba diving. 

🗓️ Is 2 days enough in Amman?

Yes, 2 days is enough to visit all of Amman’s landmarks and points of interest. However, you may need more than this if you want to experience local life truly, try the best savory dishes in town, and visit more than just touristy places. 

🪩 Where to stay in Amman for nightlife?

The best area to stay for nightlife is Swaifyeh. It offers the best of nightclubs, bars, and late-night dining places. Also, anywhere near Rainbow Street is ideal, and The House Boutique Suites is one of the best hotels I recommend here. 


A city at night with a tall building in the background.

There you go, my dear traveler, you’ve reached the end of the where to stay in Amman post. Get ready to experience the best of Jordan and enjoy the inviting streets, souks, cafés, and hospitable people in its capital.

If you still don’t know where to stay, I’ll share two of my favorite hotels in the Jabal Amman area:

  • The House Boutique Suites – stay here for the best luxury treatment with an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center close to local artisan workshops and restaurants.
  • The Y Hotel – ideally nestled inside a traditional stone house, this hotel offers an authentic Jordanian experience.

Hopefully, by now, you have an idea of where to stay in Amman! Visiting Jordan and its capital was one of the best travel experiences in my life, and I hope I helped yours become memorable, too. The important part is to book your stay in advance as Amman is quite a touristy place these days!

Do you have any questions about staying in Amman? Feel free to drop a comment below!

Enjoy Middle East,


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