Santorini Flying Dress Photoshoot Offers A Jaw-Dropping Photo-op

Oh, Santorini. The island may be named after a saint, but it hides none of its sensuous pleasures from those who seek them out. Hollywood-like honeymoons, luxurious yacht parties and perfect little coffee nooks at every corner make Santorini the destination of the summer. 

Praises sung and done, the island’s notoriety as a beloved tourist destination comes with one drawback — the digital-age “competition” for the most elaborate photo-ops. The best vantage points for that Santorini postcard often comes with queues of fellow Instagrammers and unwanted tourist crowds in the background. However, one recent trend of destination shoots has been making its rounds on social media, particularly amongst travel bloggers and globe-trotting photographers — SantoriniDress. 

You would think the perfect photo in the perfect location ought to beget a whole production team, and you would be right — fortunately, SantoriniDress will take care of all the details leading up to this fantastical photoshoot. 

Striking the balance between being in the moment and capturing unforgettable memories, SantoriniDress is a production company that offers a personalised and professional photo-op experience in one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Europe. Anyone can have a smartphone but not just anyone can curate a well styled photoshoot inclusive of lush sartorial choices, hair and makeup and, not to mention, immaculate post-production.

Picture this: you are dressed in a custom hand-made jewel-toned gown with meters of fabric billowing ethereally in the wind. The shoot location is not next to, but on the balconies of Santorini with that gorgeous (and unobstructed) Grecian landscape in the background. Your skin shimmers like the Aegean sea with the golden hour sun beating down on it. Founded in 2016, the group boasts a seasoned team of photographers who can set up your selection of either popular or secluded locations on the island, as well as offer consultation on the desired thematic direction for your shoot.

Of course, SantoriniDress would not be SantoriniDress without their signature on-site “flying dresses”, designed and hand-sewn in-house. Clients simply need make a selection online no later than two days before the photoshoot and can have them delivered to their hotel for fitting, for a fee (40-90€, one way). A change of dress-selection is allowed at least 24 hours before the photoshoot, just in case of any hair or wardrobe emergencies. 

“Shooting can be in the most gentle, sensual form, or vice versa — bright, bold, brave. There are dresses for any request, and our professionals can masterfully combine the location’s features with the image”, they promise.

The range of photoshoot offerings are extensive. Apart from doing beautiful individual portraits, SantoriniDress also offers stylised group photos with friends and family for that special gathering or pre-wedding photoshoot. These make for amazing postcards for a trip to remember, as well as a chance to capture those fleeting family moments with the kids in a delightfully glamorous way. The inherent romance of the island is not lost on the production team.

Both couple shots and proposal photos range from sweet to sensuous, depending on the artistic direction you prefer. Solo maternity shoots are also available for those that want to commemorate those special months leading up to the baby’s arrival. Video production is also an option if you prefer dimensional visuals or more vivid shots that would look fantastic on social media.

SantoriniDress communicates the universal fantasy of wanderlust with a dramatic fashion twist through their specialty production services and are keen to help you manifest yours. The group has expanded their operations in recent years to other jet-setting locations which include Italy, Dubai, the Maldives and Mexico for a change in scenery. With clients usually opting for more than one shoot, you can have your pick between sea and rooftop, from wedding to anniversary. Keen for your first (or next best) professional photoshoot? You can start planning it here.

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