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Ryanair flight attendant manages to bake a cake at 35,000ft

Bakeries aren’t usually found at cruising altitude but one Ryanair flight attendant decided to bring his cooking skills to the cabin in a video that has gone viral.

In a post on Instagram, Miguel Vasconcelos – in full uniform – can be seen baking a cake from scratch in the galley onboard one of the low-cost operator’s planes.

He begins with a chocolate cake base before moving on to cracking eggs, at which point he admits: “I feel ridiculous”. He then adds oil, water and chocolate chips to the mixing bowl before stirring it together, before a colleague adds more chocolate.

He ends the video by asking what he should bake next.

Many of the comments on the video, which has been viewed more than 1 million times at the time of writing, are positive, with some joking about Ryanair’s notorious no-frills approach.

One wrote: “All the passengers smelling baking from the galley. Nah, it ain’t for you fam…”

Another said: “I think it was the only time Ryanair’s passengers got a free on-board show.”

However, others criticised Mr Vasconcelos, stating he broke health and safety rules or wasn’t looking after the other passengers.

One wrote “no service for the guests”, to which the flight attendant replied: “Believe me, if we are this bored to bake a cake on a long flight, we surely did at least two drinks and snacks service if not more, plus hot food, gifts and scratch cards.”

Mr Vasconcelos also found himself in an exchange after replying to a comment that described his actions as “a shame” and claimed he “broke the safety on-board procedures”, adding “people like you make our cabin crew job undervalued.”

In response to the negative replies, one Instagram user said: “Pushing the brand and being joyful! Good on you…. Too many Karens in the world these days. Just wish you were on my flight a few weeks ago.”

The Independent has contacted Ryanair and Mr Vasconcelos for comment.

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