Passenger left with out very important prosthetics gear after British Airways baggage ‘error’

A person has hit out at British Airways after baggage containing essential medical gear was misplaced by the airline and never returned to him.

Giles Duley, a photographer, author and prepare dinner generally known as the ‘One Armed Chef’, shared on Twitter that his bag had not been placed on a current British Airways flight as a result of an error at check-in.

He was reportedly instructed the bag could be returned to him as quickly as attainable following the flight, however to no avail. The state of affairs is “urgent”, he acknowledged, as a result of the bag incorporates very important medical gear which he wants for his prosthetics.

Giles wrote on Twitter: “Dear @British_Airways, After an error at check-in, my bag was not loaded onto my flight. Ground staff were aware at the time, and I was promised the bag would be sent asap and I was given an apology for the mistake. I’m still waiting for my bag and/or any kind of communication.”

British Airways’ official Twitter account responded, asking the passenger to offer extra particulars through Twitter direct message. But Giles continued: “I replied as requested, but was only a bot dealing with my message so got nowhere.

“Baggage has medical equipment needed to keep my prosthetics operating so request is urgent. Mistake was made by your team at check in and I was told it would be fixed. It was not.”

British Airways replied: “Once again, please accept our apologies for all inconvenience caused we don’t have any further updates at the moment.”

But Giles responded that there have been “no updates”. He wrote: “But I’ve had no updates?! You simply said you were continuing tracking. That’s not an update.”

This is the newest in a string of lost luggage incidents across multiple airlines this summer, as a result of employees strikes, flight delays and cancellations.

This is partly as a result of airports struggling to deal with elevated journey demand after Covid restrictions eased, whereas quite a few airways had not managed to exchange employees who left the aviation business throughout the pandemic.

Ryanair chief govt Michael O’Leary instructed Sky News that Brexit was additionally an element: “A lot of these pinch points would be solved very quickly if we could bring in European workers.

“We are hide-bound and hamstrung by a government so desperate to show Brexit has been a success, when it’s been an abject failure. It won’t allow us to bring in EU workers to do these jobs.”

The Independent has approached British Airways for remark.

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