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Man sparks Reddit debate by accusing girlfriend of ‘messed up’ behaviour on flights

A person has divided Reddit customers with a criticism about his girlfriend’s “messed up” behavior after they take flights collectively.

The traveller took to Reddit to name out his associate for ceaselessly accepting an improve on her aircraft seat – although he stays in financial system class.

In a thread known as ‘GF won’t sit next to me on the plane’, he mentioned that it was “kind of messed up” that his girlfriend makes use of her airline factors to improve her seat to premium financial system.

If the tables have been turned, he mentioned, he would “never” settle for an improve if it meant that they needed to sit individually.

His relationship dilemma has break up on-line opinion over whether or not his expectations of his girlfriend are cheap.

In the publish, the person wrote: “Quick question – When my GF (27) and I (M30) fly a certain airline she has status on – she usually gets upgraded 90 per cent of the time.

“When she does get offered the upgrade, she takes it while leaving me behind in the economy.

“In my mind, I’m flagging this as like kind of messed up cause I would want never take that upgrade since I’d want to sit with her. You know, like a couple.”

The publish garnered greater than 400 replies, and lots of the responses have been from individuals who mentioned they believed that the girlfriend’s actions may very well be a “red flag” indicating wider egocentric tendencies.

One of the Redditors that agreed with him wrote: “Selfish as hell mate and with something so minor? Yikes.”

Another wrote: “My ex-girlfriend used to do that regularly as well. If it’s just airplane seats I wouldn’t worry about it.

“You might find, as I did, that this type of casual selfishness extends beyond airplane seats to just about everything.”

One respondent mentioned that they have been “upgraded to first class consistently” with out their girlfriend being moved with them.

But, they mentioned, they might select to take a seat subsequent to their associate and as an alternative provide a “stunned” stranger – who would have been sitting subsequent to her – to swap and take their seat in top quality as an alternative.

They added: “So red flag for you, maybe not. Yellow flag, probably. I prioritized spending time with my girlfriend over my comfort. I would look for a pattern and see what kind of a priority you are for her.”

Others had extra nuanced responses. One particular person wrote that their husband encourages them to take the upgrades, however that they “always offer” to alternate who takes the improve if the couple takes a couple of flight in a day.

Another poster mentioned that the girlfriend is “entitled to her upgrades and isn’t obligated to share them” however that they might discover being left behind “a little irksome”.

A Redditor mentioned that they might not be bothered if their associate accepted the improve, however that they might solely settle for one themselves if their associate wished them to.

Some commenters defended the girl within the relationship by suggesting that it was egocentric of the boyfriend to anticipate her to forgo a extra comfy seat simply to swimsuit him.

One person wrote: “I’d want my partner to get the upgrade and I’d encourage him to do so. Likewise, he would tell me to do the same.

“We are not attached at the hip and have the whole trip together. I see this as an ‘if I can’t have it, you can’t either’ situation, but that’s just me.”

Another wrote: “I’m actually kind of surprised that the majority of comments are calling this a red flag. Why should both people have to suffer through crappy seats just to spend a few hours next to each other?

“When you’ll be with each other all the time when you reach your destination? I don’t see how this would translate to selfish behaviour in anything else either. But who knows?”

With an identical view, a Redditor posted: “I think it’s selfish of OP [original poster] to want his gf to sacrifice comfort just to sit next to him.

“He would rather his girlfriend was less comfortable than spend a flight alone? That’s the red flag behaviour.”

Heated Reddit threads usually entice tons of of opinions as regards to journey.

In one lady’s viral publish, she asks if she was unreasonable to dump her boyfriend on the airport after his family upgraded all of their group to first class, but left her in economy class.

Meanwhile, a person just lately attracted criticism for being “hurtful” to a fellow flyer who he said was wearing too much perfume.

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