Know these TSA flight rules on protein powder

Pack your protein proper and breeze by way of airport safety — Photo courtesy of Prostock-Studio / Getty Images

If protein powder is a part of your dietary routine and also you wish to preserve that routine once you journey, it’s important you realize the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules for packing these dietary supplements. Can you carry the entire container? Can you combine it up earlier than boarding your flight? Do it’s worthwhile to label the powder if it is not within the unique packaging? Understanding TSA guidelines will show you how to breeze by way of airport safety. Here’s what it’s worthwhile to know.

Powder versus liquid

Remember: As quickly as you add liquid to your protein powder, it turns into a beverage that is topic to TSA’s restrictions on liquids at airport safety and in checked baggage. Liquids in checked baggage can’t exceed 70 ounces (2 kg) or 68 fluid ounces (2 L) per individual. TSA additionally states that the “capacity” of the containers should not exceed 18 ounces (0.5 kg) or 17 fluid ounces (500 ml).

Plan forward and permit time to get pleasure from your protein drink earlier than heading to airport safety. Protein shakes and meal alternative drinks additionally have to be consumed earlier than going by way of safety.

Pack proper and carry-on

If the unique container is lower than 12 ounces (350ml) of powder, you may pack your protein in your carry-on with out fear. However, TSA would require any powder or complement containers larger than 12 ounces to be positioned in a separate bin for screening at airport safety.

If you have chose to go away the container behind, you may pack individually measured servings. Many manufacturers promote particular person serving-size packets, that are nice for getting your protein on the go. Sure, these packets price just a little extra, however the comfort can repay.

You can also DIY it and scoop particular person servings into clear, resealable luggage. Be positive to label the baggage accordingly and solely take the variety of servings you assume you may want throughout your journey. Your objective is to make it simple for safety personnel to determine what you’re carrying on the airplane.

Instead of packing your most popular powder, you would possibly contemplate switching to protein bars whereas touring. There aren’t any TSA restrictions on bars, and so they will not take up a lot house in your carry-on or checked baggage. Even higher, purchase your bars when you’re at your vacation spot. It will unlock house in your luggage and prevent the fear of getting delayed at airport safety.

If you need to take a big amount of protein powder in your journey, it’s all the time advisable to pack it in your checked bag. There’s no sense in carrying it by way of the airport, having to elucidate it at safety or threat a TSA official telling you to go away it behind.

Ultimately, the TSA official at safety has the discretion to resolve whether or not your protein powder makes it on the airplane with you, so be additional aware of protocol when packing your protein in your carry-on bag. If potential, all the time maintain the product within the unique packaging for straightforward identification. When doubtful, solely stick with it board what you want whereas in flight. The relaxation can go in your checked bag.

Also, take into account that these rules are based mostly on the rules surrounding home and international flights leaving from the United States. When leaving from one other nation, do not forget that their guidelines will apply to the quantity of protein powder you may stick with it the airplane with you.

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