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Eurostar: Ebbsfleet and Ashford stations to remain closed for at the very least two years, partly resulting from Brexit

Margate, Maidstone and London: these are probably the most unique locations accessible from Ashford International station at the moment. And partly resulting from Brexit, there is no such thing as a prospect of trains to Paris, Lille and Brussels being reestablished any time quickly.

Eurostar, which runs passenger trains between London St Pancras International and Continental Europe, has revealed it won’t re-open Ashford International, or its different Kent Station, Ebbsfleet International, in 2023 as had been hoped. The prepare operator added: “We cannot make any commitment for another two to three years.”

It follows that 2025 is the earliest that both station can anticipate to be on the worldwide route community.

Both stations are on High Speed 1, the principle line from London to the Channel Tunnel. Ebbsfleet, near the M25 in north Kent, was particularly constructed as a “park and ride” location for travellers heading for the Continent.

Ashford station was remodelled at a price of lots of of hundreds of thousands of kilos to accommodate worldwide companies.

They closed very shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Eurostar blames “an uncertain and fragile environment” following the coronavirus pandemic for his or her continued closure.

In an announcement, the corporate advised The Independent: “Our recovery is progressing well, but we have considerable financial commitments following the pandemic which we will continue to face for a number of years.

“We must focus on our most profitable inter-capital routes to enable us to meet our financial commitments, stabilise our operation and our customer experience, before considering any further developments.”

But Eurostar additionally factors to added broader complexity because of Brexit, saying: “Our border environment has also toughened post Brexit, and further complexity is expected with the launch of the EU’s Entry Exit System.”

The Brexit settlement negotiated by the UK authorities requires British travellers to be handled as third-country nationals, dealing with extra obstacles on entry to the European Union.

Instead of merely checking journey paperwork for validity, frontier officers should stamp all passports – and, theoretically at the very least, interview the traveller about their intentions, monetary assets and onward journey plans.

The Entry Exit System, which is because of come into operation from November 2023, is designed to facilitate such checks. It is an automatic IT system for registering travellers from exterior the EU and Schengen space.

Each time the traveller crosses an EU exterior border the system will register the date and place of entry and exit, plus fingerprints and a facial biometric.

The system, says the European Union “will replace the current system of manual stamping of passports, which is time consuming, does not provide reliable data on border crossings and does not allow a systematic detection of over-stayers”.

British travellers at the moment are restricted to 90 days’ keep in any 180 days, however checks at the moment rely upon passport stamps and are haphazard.

Eurostar wouldn’t remark additional, however the firm has already warned a Parliamentary committee in regards to the potential influence of the brand new entry exit system on its operations.

Gareth Williams, technique director for Eurostar, told peers on the House of Lords Justice and Home Affairs Committee: “We don’t currently see a practical solution. If we take the peak of August, up to 80 per cent of people will have to go through the system.

“We do have a very extreme space challenge. At a minimum we would require over 30 kiosks, and an area about the size of our entire check in area at St Pancras.”

The requirement for biometrics won’t apply to EU residents.

Mark Smith, the worldwide rail professional referred to as The Man In Seat 61, tweeted: “Eurostar has just confirmed it will not call at Ebbsfleet/Ashford in 2023, with Brexit (yet again) part of the problem.”

Eurostar’s assertion about Ashford and Ebbsfleet ended: “We understand that this will be disappointing for the local communities, and we will continue to work closely and openly with the local councils on the future of the stations.”

In the 2016 EU referendum, Ashford voted 59-41 in favour of leaving the European Union.

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