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Eight passengers injured after ‘terrifying’ turbulence on flight to Portugal

Eight passengers required medical assistance after severe turbulence struck a plane making its way to Portugal.

The incident caused people to be knocked over in the cabin and items to be thrown about. The TAAG Angola Airlines plane was travelling from Luanda, the Angolan capital, to Lisbon at the end of March.

Brazilian influencer Diana Assis was filming on board at the moment the turbulence first hit, reports The New York Post.

Ms Assis, who was holding a glass of wine at the time, was filming the shaky ride and giggling, but the fun was interrupted when a jolt sent the drink flying out of her hand as people shouted.

She told her followers that one of those injured was an infant who had allegedly flown out of their parent’s arms and hit the ceiling.

She said the “terrifying” turbulence struck about two hours after take-off and just as lunch was being served.

“It only lasted a few seconds but it was enough to leave some people injured and the crew provided first aid before landing,” she added.

Other videos from the plane show the aftermath, with food and drinks splattered all over the cabin and a crack in one of the ceiling panels.

As well as eight passengers, two crew members were also injured, according to Simply Flying.

The incident occurred while the plane was flying over the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In a statement, TAAG said the turbulence was caused by “adverse atmospheric conditions”. The plane continued to its final destination in Portugal, where it was met by medical staff. There was also a doctor on board the flight who assisted those who had been hurt.

The Independent has contacted TAAG for comment.

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