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Dog gets to sleep in business class lie-flat bed on flight

A dog got to experience what many travellers will go a lifetime without doing: sleeping on a lie-flat bed in business class on a recent flight.

A video of the lucky pup was shared on social media, along with the caption, “There was a dog on my flight travelling business class”.

In the clip, the camera pans around the plane cabin before coming to rest on a fair-haired hound, which is sleeping on a business class bed with its head on a pillow and its body tucked under the duvet.

The footage has been shared on Youtube, Tiktok and Facebook reels; on the latter platform, it was posted with the caption, “This is what success looks like when you have millions of followers on pawnly fans.”

Having analysed it, aviation experts View From the Wing said: “Readers may correct me, but this looks like a LATAM cabin, so a South America flight. Delta is partial owner of LATAM.”

The clip was liked more than 250,000 times on Facebook, with viewers utterly beguiled by the pampered pet.

One user commented: “He looks so relaxed! I’d love a dog beside me on a flight instead of a person!”, while another wrote: “I cannot wait to travel in a flight full of dog owners and their dogs with them. It’s gonna be a great fun. Imagine lots of furry friends in one flight. Party.”

It’s not the first time a dog has managed to get an upgrade on a flight.

In November 2022, two corgis got the A-list treatment when flying from Singapore to San Francisco on Singapore Airlines in business class.

The two corgis, Peanut and Mindy, belong to Tommy Suriwong and his partner.

Suriwong posted about the experience to his Facebook page, joking that this was a “Singapore Airlines SQ33 SFO-SIN with built-in corgi seating area,” along with a cute photo of the pair of pooches.

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