6 Best Places to Stay on the Great Ocean Road (with Hotels)

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Are you looking for the best places to stay on Great Ocean Road? Awesome! Great Ocean Road is a dreamy destination with the most stunning beaches, scenic views, and dreamy rainforests, and everyone who’s visiting it should consider themselves lucky.

I myself have been researching the topic and have prepared this detailed article with the top places with amazing accommodation options for all budgets. I even added some Great Ocean Road attractions for each area.

The best place to stay on the Great Ocean Road is Torquay, but there are also 5 other stay-worthy alternatives: Lorne, Apollo Bay, Port Campbell, and Warrnambool – each with a charm of its own. In the end, I added a bonus with the best overnight stops on Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road is one of the most popular regions in Victoria, Australia, and it attracts visitors from all over the world all year round. If you want to secure the hotel room of your dreams and get the best deals, you need to book your room in advance!

Ready to check out the best areas and hotels in Great Ocean Road?

Let’s dive in!

If you are in a hurry

Here you have the best hotels in Torquay, on the Great Ocean Road, Australia, in case you want to book right away. This area is the best for first-timers and has amazing popular hotels:


Beach break in Bristol

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

budget hotel

Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park

The best affordable accommodation in the center

Check out this map to where the best places to stay on the Great Ocean Road trip are:

1. Torquay – where to stay for first-timers

A surfer is standing on the beach at sunset.

Torquay is the perfect place to start off your trip, either if you want just to make a quick stop for a weekend or adventure in everything this place has to offer. You will find amazing activities and panoramic ocean views!

Torquay is best known for its surfing beaches, the most popular being Bells Beach, where you can find the best surfers in Victoria doing what they know best! The area is also known for being the house of many cool surfing brands known worldwide, such as Rip Curl, Quicksilver, and Hurley.

In this amazing town along the Great Ocean Road, you can walk on the shore and feel the soft white sand beneath your feet, take pictures of all the cinematic landscapes, visit the biggest surf history museum, or have a scrumptious meal in any of the many town restaurants and bars!

It is a must-stop on every 3-day Great Ocean Road trip itinerary. But let’s see what it offers in terms of accommodation.

Luxury hotel

This hotel is modern, overlooking a golf course with Rocky Point Lookout and Torquay Golf Club within walking distance. The hotel comes with an indoor heated pool, a fitness center, a wellness center, a tennis court, and all the amenities you could wish for, including breakfast, hotel rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and the most stunning views!

Other accommodation options in Torquay


This cute property will make you feel like a local! The beach is only steps away from the accommodation!


Great location in the city; the beach is only steps away! This two-bedroom apartment hosts up to four people

Things to do in Torquay

2. Lorne – where to stay for nature and art lovers

A waterfall in the middle of a rocky area.

Wow! Lorne has so much to offer to world visitors. First, it has a charming natural landscape that will make you feel like you are in a different world.

It is the house of Great Otway National Park, which is filled with beautiful and thick forests, where you can also find the most stunning waterfalls and refreshing lakes. This is the perfect place to connect with nature and let go of all your worries!

There is the beach as well, and the fantastic ocean where you can bathe and surf. If you prefer to sunbathe, the soft sandy beaches are there for you in case all you need is a break under the sun, and Split Point Lighthouse is only a 20-minute drive away from Lorne if you’re feeling like exploring.

This area usually has whales migrating during the months of May and September, so maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see them on your vacation!

The area is also known to be an art hub, being home to many music festivals where big artists play! If you want to go for beautiful walks, shop and have a nice coffee with a view, or go to a music festival, Lorne is for you!

Luxury hotel

This Great Ocean Road accommodation offers 3-bedroom apartments located by the beachfront and with great amenities. One of the apartments has ocean views and the other views of the courtyard are simply stunning! The location is unbeatable, in the small town center and with the beach just steps away!

Other accommodation options in Lorne


This hotel has great reviews, is located by the beachfront, and has many restaurants nearby! Rooms host up to 4 guests!


This budget accommodation looks beautiful. The apartments are modern (some even with a spa bath) and located near the beach


Cute little cabin-style home with an outdoor deck that hosts 3 guests and has amazing views of the forest!

Things to do in Lorne

3. Apollo Bay – where to stay on the Great Ocean Rd on a budget

An aerial view of a beach and town

Apollo Bay is known to be one of Great Ocean Road’s cutest coastal towns, the best one if you are on a budget, and great for anyone looking to simply relax on the beach and enjoy the Australian sun and vitamin D.

If you are adventurous, there are many surf and kayak schools where you could book a class and have fun in the water practicing water sports! What an amazing memory, am I right!?

In the downtown area, you can indulge in amazing treats or read a book at any of the many teahouses. If you’d like to shop, there are many stores selling clothes and cute souvenirs to buy for your friends and family.

By the way, did you know Apollo Bay is home to marathons? Imagine running with the most scenic views next to you! Truly amazing!

Apollo Bay it’s not all beach and surf, though. It also boasts the most amazing rainforest and waterfalls! I highly recommend going for a hike to Melba Gully to explore amazing nature and see amazing wildlife.

Now, let’s check out the best accommodations in the area!

Luxury hotel

This luxury hotel has a lovely old charm with its vitro windows and wooden carved furniture. It is located by the beachfront, so the views from the hotel are truly beautiful. The Queen room with an ocean view comes with a walk-in shower, and the suite comes with its own spa bath and can host up to 3 guests!

Other accommodation options in Apollo Bay


This beachfront hotel comes with complimentary breakfast, family rooms & free parking. You can hire tours at the front desk!


This hotel offers two-bedroom apartments and comes with the most amazing beachfront views. Some rooms feature a spa bath


This small cottage is amazing. Overlooking landscaped gardens and the deep blue ocean, it’s perfect for a romantic stay!

Things to do in Apollo Bay

4. Port Campbell – best place to stay for stunning cliff views

an aerial view of cliffs

Port Campbell has the most stunning cliff views! If you are looking for a close encounter with nature and a tranquil vacation, Port Campbell is the right place. It is home to Port Campbell National Park, where you can see beautiful wildlife, including pelicans, black swans, the beautiful southern emu, and much more!

You can also visit amazing gorges, creeks, and caves and feel the power of Mother Nature. You can visit the 12 Apostles (I do recommend checking out the helicopter tour) and see the limestone stacks, which are one of the region’s main attractions! Great photos for long-lasting memories are more than guaranteed on your trip to this beautiful region!

All the wandering in nature will make you super hungry, so visit the small town center and grab a meal at any of the many cute little restaurants and cafés in the area. If you feel like taking a stroll, the town center has many galleries and shops where you can get treats and souvenirs!

Now. let’s see what it offers in terms of accommodation.

Luxury hotel

This hotel has amazing villas near the ocean with great facilities such as luxurious kitchens, laundry rooms, decks with views, and spacious bedrooms. They offer villas with 3 or 3 bedrooms which can host up to 6 guests! All the villas have complimentary Wi-Fi and free parking. The beach is nearby so there is no need for a swimming pool!

Other accommodation options in Port Campbell


This hotel has a classic vibe and stunning views of Port Campbell Beach! Family rooms host up to 5 guests


This modern hotel offers amazing rooms and apartments with all the commodities you need for a comfy stay!


This house is beautiful! It features a modern and trendy style and is surrounded by nature, with a beach nearby!

Things to do in Port Campbell

5. Warrnambool – where to stay for maritime history lovers

A lighthouse sits on top of a hill overlooking the ocean

Warrnambool is the perfect place for history lovers! It is home to the shipwreck coast, known for its dangerous waters, and how, back in the day (the 1700s and 1800s), most ships wouldn’t make it to the shore. One of the most famous lost sunk ships was Loch Ard!

When here, walk around Stingray Bay and relax on the sand, admiring one of the most beautiful beaches in the area of Warrnambool. One of the best things about visiting Warrnambool from June to October is that you can see whales! Logans Beach is the main spot where you can find them raising their calves.

Of course, Warrnambool also has a beautiful town center where you can enjoy a nice coffee with a baked deli, get a nice drink at a bar, or indulge in a delicious dinner! If you want to learn about history, see beautiful beaches and surf, or simply relax with a meal, Warrnambool will make it happen!

Let’s check the best hotels in the area!

Luxury hotel

This hotel location is unbeatable! It is located in the middle of Warrnambool, and Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum is only a 20-minute walk away. Cannon Hill Lookout is also very near the property. The hotel offers apartments with a private kitchen and a private courtyard, and some of them come with a spa bath!

Other accommodation options in Warrnambool


Located in the city center, Quest Warrnambool has an outdoor swimming pool, free parking, and laundry facilities!


This budget hotel has a classic vintage look, comes with complimentary breakfast, and offers family rooms


This property is so modern and stylish, can host 4 guests, and is located near the city center

Things to do in Warrnambool

6. Port Fairy – where to stay on the Great Ocean Rd for culture

a person standing on a rocky beach

Port Fairy is one of the biggest and most important fishing villages in Victoria, the port is usually busy with a lot of activity, and on Port Fairy’s beaches, you can encounter beautiful whales, mostly during the winter.

This village is also known for its water sports activities available for locals and travelers, you could join a surfing lesson and make amazing memories during the vacation!

This area is also well known for its wide range of art galleries, boutiques, and music festivals, so if you like art, the villas have something for you! If your idea of a holiday is sitting down and having a nice meal, you can go to one of the many fine dining restaurants in the area and relax like no other!

Most of the architecture of the village goes back to Victorian times, so it is a good idea to join a walking tour to understand the history of the place and all the things that happened so it could be what it is today!

And here you have 4 amazing hotels and properties in Port Fairy!

Luxury hotel

Wow! This hotel looks absolutely stunning, the style is earthly, minimalistic, and detailed – I love it! It comes with an outdoor pool, an onsite bar, and a restaurant, and it offers a complimentary breakfast to all guests! All the rooms have an exquisite style and can host up to 2 guests.

Other accommodation options in Port Fairy


This accommodation looks so hip and modern, the style is fantastic, and it comes with a cute coffee shop


This 2-guest property looks like the perfect oasis to relax with your partner and enjoy nature!

Things to do in Port Fairy

BONUS: Best overnight stops on Great Ocean Road

Above we saw the best places to stay on the Great Ocean Road if you are dedicating more time to your trip. However, if you don’t have much time to spare, here are the best overnight stops on the Great Ocean Road.

collage of 3 images with: a bedroom, lounge area and sitting area on the terrace

1. Johanna River Farm & Cottages
Oh my god!! This place looks so dreamy! Imagine staying in Johanna, Australia, surrounded by landscaped gardens, beautiful tall trees, the cutest animal farms, their babies, and 2 cute dogs?! You wake up in the morning, make breakfast in your private kitchen, and then stroll around stunning landscapes. Dreamy!

2. Tall Trees Eco Retreat
Is there anything more majestic than nature? I don’t think so! This eco retreat has wooden cottages, modern, and well decorated that will make you feel at peace and one with nature. Imagine having a bubble bath overlooking the amazing Australian rainforest. Truly special! The accommodation is located in Apollo Bay.

3. Chianti Cottages
This accommodation offers cabins and cottages in Torquay, and there are beaches where you can relax, swim, and surf only a 5-minute drive away! The properties are surrounded by gardens, and I highly recommend the cottage – the style is a delight, and it can host up to 3 guests!

collage of 3 images with: a bedroom, lounge area and camp site

4. Daysy Hill Country Cottages
Located just outside Port Campbell, this lovely set of cottages has all you need for a perfect vacation in Australia! There is an outdoor kitchen where you can cook and enjoy a meal with your family admiring nature. The beach is a few minutes’ drive away, and there you can sunbathe and see amazing wildlife! The cottages have deluxe amenities, and the biggest one can host up to 6 guests.

5. Lorne Bush House Cottages & Eco Retreats
These houses and cottages in Lorne are perfect for families looking to spend a lovely time in nature: hiking and observing wildlife, swimming in the ocean, making barbecues, or roasting marshmallows in the fire pit!

6. Bimbi Park – Camping Under Koalas
Staying in this amazing camping site located in Bimbi Park guarantees that you will see beautiful and cute animals, including koalas! You can choose if you want to stay in a cabin with a private bathroom or a caravan, tent, or eco camping with a shared bathroom. The shower time is paid in these ones!

FAQs about the best places to stay on the Great Ocean Road

The entrance to a road with statues and rocks

🌄 Which Great Ocean Road region is the best?

It depends on your taste. All of the regions have something special to offer. If you are traveling for the first time, Torquay is the best one, and this accommodation, At the Gallery, is highly recommendable.

😍 Which is the best romantic hotel in Great Ocean Road?

🌊 How long should I stay in Great Ocean Road?

It is a large road with multiple stops, and you could stay in every town for at least half to 1 day. If you are looking for a 3-day trip, here is our Great Ocean Road itinerary!

🏖️ Which accommodation in Great Ocean Road is by the beach?


people walking on a beach

That is all for the best places to stay on the Great Ocean Road! I’ve mentioned the 6 best areas, plus its best hotels and activities. I’ve also included 6 extra options for the best overnight stops on Great Ocean Road as a bonus.

Honestly, I loved all the hotels and accommodations in each area, but if I had to mention my 2 favorite ones, I would go with:

  • RACV Torquay Resort – This luxury hotel has it all, from an indoor pool and spa center to the most amazing views of the ocean!
  • Drift House – I love the style of this hotel. The suites look so beautiful, it is so aesthetically pleasant that all you want to do is relax in style!

Which one of these areas and hotels was your favorite? Have you ever adventured yourself on the Great Ocean Road?

Let me know in the comments, and right after you go and book the hotel room of your dreams before someone else does. This region is super popular and attracts visitors from all over the world!

Until the next one,


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